The Cobra upper arm strap (STRAP ONLY)


The Cobra upper arm strap

Want hands free safety available at your fingertips?

This elasticated strap fits comfortably onto your upper arm and can be used for various activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Running (road or trail)
  • Cycling

The strap comes with a 60ml single stream pepper spray can that is accessible at your fingertips!

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The Cobra

A fully elasticated upper arm strap and 60ml pepper spray. The upper arm strap is fitted with a Velcro loop that “Hugs” the cylindrical can.

The Cobra has been designed to fit securely on the upper arm allowing for a fully hands free experience!


This is a strap only and the pepper spray needs to be purchased if you do not already have one.  Our straps cannot be used in conjunction with any other pepper sprays. Our strap and can systems are very unique and come fitted with a velcro strip which allows the can to stick to the strap. Once you have purchased your can, you will be ready to head into any activity.

Be sure to test the can every 90-180 days to ensure they are working and the pressure in the can is still good. Pepper spray (even when stored correctly) will need to be replaced regularly. Even if never used, pepper spray past its expiration date should not be used. Not only might an older can be ineffective but it also might come out in short distance spurts instead of a strong single stream spray and you could be injured in the process.

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