Safety in your vehicle

Do you have a pepper spray in your vehicle? Ask yourself the following questions: Where do I keep it and is it accessible in a time of need?

We aim to solve these challenges. Gone are the days of fumbling around looking for the can you thought you had in your car!

These products were designed to give the everyday motorist a fighting chance of defending themselves while in their vehicle.

Why should you consider our products?

Our pepper spray products will control any attacker, between 3 – 5 meters away, by affecting their mucous membranes, burning their skin and their eyes, thus physically preventing them from further aggressive activity. The main component of pepper spray is an oil known as oleoresin capsicum. This oil comes from plants in the genus Capsicum, which includes chili peppers. The capsaicin concentration of most pepper spray that law enforcement use is  5–10%. A higher concentration results in longer lasting effects. Our Pepper sprays contain 15% OC which is an improved knockdown formula.

This will render any attacker powerless for up to 30 minutes with no permanent after effects. This is why we are so passionate about our products. We know that our products will serve you well! The pepper spray is manufactured locally in South Africa! This means we have more control over quality. It ensures that we provide a product that is highly rated in the industry.  This also allows us to be fully accountable for it’s contents and your safety!


It is very easy to buy pepper spray in SA. They are available at most outdoor camping stores. However, it is important to purchase a brand that has a good reputation in the industry. This product needs to serve a purpose in saving your life or preventing a devastating situation.

We put the power in your hands allowing you to strike back immediately when faced with any violent or threatening persons.

Safety at your fingertips. Putting the power in your hands!

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