The Rattler strap and pepper spray


The Rattler belt and pepper spray 

Gone is the challenge of “how/where” to “carry/store” your pepper spray!

Seamless activity with safety at your fingertips. The rattler fits snuggly onto the following:

Hydration back pack

Seatbelt of your car

Hiking or any standard backpack


The Rattler belt and pepper spray 

This strap fits snuggly onto your hydration pack or backpack. The belt is fitted with a Velcro loop that “Hugs” the cylindrical pepper spray can. 

The can is accessible immediately with a quick “pull” and it will be released from the Velcro strap. It is a highly effective system. Self-defense at your fingertips. No need to remove keyrings or hold the pepper spray in your hand – our systems allow for a full handsfree experience while knowing you have your pepper spray at the ready!


Be sure to test the can every 90-180 days to ensure they are working and the pressure in the can is still good. Pepper spray (even when stored correctly) will need to be replaced regularly. Even if never used, pepper spray past its expiration date should not be used. Not only might an older can be ineffective but it also might come out in short distance spurts instead of a strong single stream spray and you could be injured in the process.


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 3 reviews
 by Richard Fraser on Venomist
Peace of mind wherever you go!

Ive found this strap particularly useful as it fits securely onto my hydration pack and doesnt move around while out on the trails. I have tested it to its limits and taken it with me on all kinds of crazy adventures!

 by Rene Sparks on Venomist
The Rattler

I opted for this product as I do many solo runs wearing my hydration pack. I find the rattler to be easy to hold, light to carry and accessible because of the Velcro attachments. I feel safer on the road now that I have this product and recommend you get one too! Definitely getting different variations as well for the days I run without my hydration pack.

 by Mike on Venomist
Awesome products

Awesome products two of my cycling friends have bought the handlebar bags as well.