The Python (SADDLE ONLY)


The Python Saddle

Perfect for the home! Never be without your pepper spray again! We take personal protection seriously! The Python works in conjunction to the other straps (excluding The Puffer only). Fits well with double sided tape or can be fixed directly to the wall or a unit of choice. Easy to use and easy to access your pepper spray in a time of need!

100% biodegradable plastic

100% locally made

Pepper spray sold separately


The Python Saddle

The Python wall mounted pepper spray saddle. The fitting works in conjunction to all the other straps. Always have a safe place to store your pepper spray! Good for safety and good for the environment!

Where do you keep your  pepper spray at home? We designed The Python wall mounted pepper spray saddle with your safety in mind!  No longer do you need to find your pepper spray at home. Simply attach it to the unique Velcro strip and store your spray in a place that is well concealed from criminals.  Always ensure that your family is safe in knowing where your pepper spray is and how to access it in a time of need. Leaving the house to run an errand or even a cycle? Grab your pepper spray grab your pepper spray on the way and attach it to any of your other straps. Venomist is a Proudly South African product!

This product is:

100% locally produced

100% biodegradable plastic

Pepper spray sold separately

Important to note about your Pepper Spray

Be sure to test the can every 90-180 days to ensure they are working and the pressure in the can is still good. Pepper spray (even when stored correctly) will need to be replaced regularly. Even if never used, pepper spray past its expiration date should not be used. Not only would an older can be ineffective but it also might come out in short distance spurts instead of a strong single stream spray and you could be injured in the process. Make sure that you are prepared in any situation! Safety first, safety always!

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